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Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2 Batteries + 2 Charger


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Lovego Portable Oxygen Concentrator 2 Batteries + 2 Charger 

How to choose a suitable device for your family member?

1. What oxygen should be Enough for your family member?
Usually doctor will write or print oxygen dose and oxygen therapy time in the prescription. If doctor write 3LPM or 3 liters/min in prescription, that means 3 liters oxygen with 90% saturation.

Please make confirmation that machine could produce 90% saturation oxygen at 3 liters at least. There are many devices just produce 70% saturation oxygen or less when you turn up flow to 3 liters.( oxygen saturation less than 90% is not allowed by medical oxygen therapy. Insufficient oxygen will worsen illness and be harmful to your family member life)

Another thing to consider is choose bigger oxygen flow than your family member need. If his oxygen prescription is 3LPM, we suggest you choose a device which has capacity of above 3 liters flow with 90% oxygen saturation. Your family member might need more oxygen in winter and in future. You need to take it into consideration.

2. Put safety of your family member first. Choose a device with low oxygen alarm.
Low oxygen alarm could monitor oxygen saturation. If machine deliver oxygen less than 82% saturation, alarm will work to remind you. You need to call Lovego service station to check machine.

If you choose a device which doesn’t have low oxygen alarm, you won’t know whether it is producing oxygen or normal air. If device has problem in oxygen concentration, it will just deliver normal air. But device still looks working normally. You have no ideo when your family member inhale normal air. Your family member will feel suffocating. It will worsen illness and be harmfull to your family member life. It will cause syncope and death in emergency situation.

3. Choose a machine which has service station in your country
There are many clients ignore after sales service when they buy from internet. If there isn’t service station guarantee after sales service, you can hardly find a technician to fix it when machine has a problem. Maintenance need professional technician and replacement parts.

We provide 3 years warranty. If you want to know address of Lovego service station in your country, please contact us by click follow button “Contact Supplier”

If you have any doubts, you could make confirmation with doctor. You could also click above button “Contact Supplier” to inquire us

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Product details of Lovego portable battery oxygen concentrator LG101


  • Model: LG101
  • Oxygen flow: 1 to 5 liters continuous oxygen flow per minute(1 to 5 LPM)
  • Work in 95V to 245V electricity power supply
  • Work in car 12V cigarette lighter and by its battery
  • The battery is rechargeable, extra batteries are available.
  • Fully charged battery could support machine work 1 hour from 1 to 5 liters.


The standard package include:
1 oxygen concentrator
1 battery
1 battery charger
1 car inverter
1 nasal cannula
1 head type tube
1 humidifier bottle
1 spare filter
1 carry bag
1 trolley.

Filter need to change after using 3000 hours.

Attention: This model is suitable for patients who need 1 to 3 liters oxygen
If your oxygen perscription is equal or above 3 LPM, please choose model

Lovego LG101 specifications

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