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  3. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Yakubu Dogara, has introduced electronic voting system in the conduct
    of activities of the House.

    Dogara, who last Thursday announced the adoption of the e-voting system, said it was in compliance with the 8th Assembly’s Legislative Agenda.
    Consequently, forms have been distributed to individual members to collate
    their data ahead of production of e-voting cards to all the 360 MPs.
    The implication of the new system is that records of each member’s punctuality and voting
    patterns can easily be accessed by constituents and
    members of the public.

    This development throws out the “aye” and “nay” system
    which is prone to manipulation by whoever is presiding.

    According to details of the Legislative Agenda as adopted by the 8th Assembly early
    in its life last year,

    The 8th House commits to the use of ICT in the daily conduct of legislative activities of the House.
    E-parliament and e-voting platforms will be made a regular feature of the House.
    E-voting will be used regularly during voting to properly reflect voting records of Members and parliamentary accountability.
    The House shall collaborate with relevant stakeholders to achieve the goal of an e-parliament.

    The e-parliament initiative will operate on the platform
    of modern, up to date digital technology.

    However, a senior legislative official stated that the e-parliament
    platform would create a new challenge for the majority of
    lawmakers who are not computer-literate. The official said:

    These members cannot operate a computer. As a matter of fact, this has
    been the main factor delaying the introduction of e-parliament by the National Assembly.
    As we speak, their offices are equipped with computers and
    Internet facilities, but can they operate the systems? No.

    They will face tough times and may likely oppose it or find a reason to ensure that the
    manual system continues. There is even a computer mounted in front of the Speaker’s seat as he presides over proceedings.

    None of the Speakers preceding Dogara ever operated system.

    Dogara himself has hardly been operating it since he
    assumed office on June 9, 2015.

  4. The reviews few days in the past that the acclaimed torch-bearer of Ariya tradition selected a overseas soil – the United
    States – to start his grand entry into the septuagenarian membership have to be troubling certainly for cultural sentinels again house.
    How ironic that the platinum milestone of the king
    of African beats, connoisseur of the great instances,
    falls in a lean season that has imposed austerity harshly on your entire citizenry!

    True, financial recession is presently biting laborious.
    However let nobody blame the foregoing aberration on the financial crunch.
    Lest there be a tumult from the denizens of the excessive society.
    Nevertheless depleted the saucer crammed with child toiletries and
    ointment turns into, they are saying, it by no means will get to the purpose the place
    a nursing mom utterly lacks what to rub on her suckling.

    Actually, nonetheless stretching far forward is
    the highway to September 22, the birthday of Sunday Adeniyi, the undisputed monarch of juju music.
    However to his cult following in jollity eternally occupying the forecourt of the juju music manufacturing facility, the Ariya is clearly already bounce-began in its full sybaritic splendor.
    In the approaching days, the city will certainly shake as they
    toast the man who has come to embody a preferred
    style in Yoruba music within the final half century.

    That KSA would on the eve of his 70th birthday be on a street present in faraway North
    America (his final outing there being greater than eight years in the past) couldn’t be seeking his subsequent meal
    ticket. It’s definitely borne out of an enduring ardour for his vocation.

    True, he solely inherited juju as an artwork type. However the identities of all of the forerunners
    in historical past now appear completely eclipsed on account of the immensity of
    his redefinition of that inheritance and the prodigious
    stamina he has demonstrated since then.

    As his muse attained full maturity within the early 80s,
    he succeeded in welding western artificial
    pop sound with African speaking drums and electric guitar to
    beginning a dense rhythm. Thus, he was in a position to achieve a
    worldwide viewers, incomes a Grammy nomination with “Odu” later in 1998.
    Aside from Fela, no different Nigerian musician was as globally acclaimed at the moment.

    Born within the artistically inspiring Osogbo in 1946,
    KSA served his apprenticeship within the early 60s underneath the tutelage of Moses Olaiya who would later relaxation his Federal Rhythms Dandies band to diversify into full-time comedy and shortly turn into
    a family title as “Baba Sala”.

    It’s a testimony to uncooked expertise, sheer trade and unshakeable religion that KSA ultimately outgrew
    such humble circumstances to grow to be greater than his tutor.
    For individuals who could be questioning the supply of the dazzling athleticism he
    brings to dance on stage, he revealed that the now fallen highlife wizard
    of Kennery fame, Orlando Owoh, taught him boxing.

    In retrospect, beside Ebenezer Obey (his lengthy-time competitor), no different practitioner could
    possibly be mentioned to have spoken with a lot eloquence and broad attraction for the juju model.
    Whereas Obey calls his Miliki, KSA’s is Ariya.

    As a sub-tradition, Ariya captures the texture-good city spirit of the
    Yoruba society. It’s the distinctly louder, uninhibited model of Miliki propounded by
    Ebenezer Obey, the meditative darling of the aristocratic caste.
    Ariya and Miliki (corruption of milk) are taken because the social good thing about labour.
    He/she who has toiled laborious is deserving of a second of merriment, they are saying.
    With a rhythm outlined by heavy percussion, the
    toes KSA’s Ariya lures to the dance-ground belong to the much less inhibited among
    the many jolly crowd.

    If in doubt, you solely must embark on a tour of neighborhoods of the
    typical Yoruba city throughout the weekend at regular instances.
    A lot that some sociologists and anthropologists have mischievously gone forward to listing the Ariya
    tradition among the many chief incentives for
    the relative peace and tranquility prevalent in Yorubaland
    even when different sections of the nation seem to totter beneath social
    or sectarian eruptions. These eagerly counting right down to the following Owambe date
    are much less prone to be simply recruited right into a mission to disrupt the social order.

    On the nationwide stage, such mindset is thought to additionally account for the lack
    of stamina for a sustained battle and the overall absence of will
    to endure ache with a view to altering the social
    disequilibrium. Ariya presents an escape; it plies the citizenry with opium towards harsh
    realities. As soon as the folks begin counting the variety of Ariya alternatives already misplaced, they quickly
    start to defect from the barricade, one after the opposite.

    Fela already recognized this character flaw in his “Sorrow, Tears & Blood” launched in 1973: “I no wan die, papa dey for home, mama dey for home, I wan take pleasure in, I no wan go.”

    Certainly, one in every of KSA’s earliest hits exuberantly
    declares “Ariya has no finish, Ariya is unlimited”. Uninterested in “Shokoyokoto” (Contemporary Fish), he subsequent supplied “Sweet Banana” whereas assessing “My Destiny” solely to be pricked by “Conscience” (Eri Okan) to find the “The Good Shepherd”
    and so determined to exult “Merciful God”. Maybe the one
    single album that actually outlined and established his authority
    as a nationwide legend was “Let Them Say” in 1986.
    It’s a daring assertion of the artwork type balancing danceable sounds with enduring messages.

    Later within the 80s, he selected to tickle the nation’s imaginations by overtly participating Onyeka Onwenu
    of the “One Love” fame in a musical romance. That sired “Wait For Me”.

    However to say the KSA magic is regionalized within the South-West can be
    doing grave injustice to his enigma. His viewers is
    certainly nationwide and by far broader than his historical Miliki rival.

    The key partly lies within the cross enchantment of his beat.
    And he carries all of the credentials that absolutely outline musicianship: composer, singer, grasp guitarist,
    consummate dancer and producer.

    His pioneering imaginative and prescient additionally led
    the trade into creating video for the audio. To carry life
    to songs, he started the experimentation in mid-80s by dramatizing new songs briefly film.
    It was immediate industrial success. Expectedly, others started
    to repeat him. Many customers would thereafter not thoughts
    paying a bit of extra for the video CD as worth addition.
    Right now, musical video has grow to be a
    vibrant sub-sector within the trade with younger lads like Clarence Peters
    infusing extra creativity with chopping-edge expertise.

    Certainly, whereas the older generations reminisce on KSA’s exploits prior to now many years, their
    hearts have to be aching on the relative emptiness of the so-referred to
    as stars of at this time. Not like musicians of previous who honed their abilities diligently,
    priding themselves on having the ability
    to play at the least a couple of devices and tended to treasure their creative
    expression greater than financial compensation, today’s creatures are principally laptop-generated stars obsessive about materialism.
    They hardly really feel restricted if all there may be to their expertise is merely chanting on a sound conjured
    synthetically to make music outlined extra by vulgarities and profanities.

    The shallowness of the everyday hip-hop act of right now is definitely verifiable if, for example,
    invited to a live performance alongside his counterpart from the “old school”.

    The previous will possible fret at any suggestion to carry out with a stay band, lest his
    inadequacies are uncovered. Quite, he/she prefers to
    mime a medley of songs pre-recorded on the CD, presumably additional embellished with the razzmatazz by the disc-jockey on the band-stand.
    Not like the latter who perpetually craves alternative to showcase his craftsmanship and can painstakingly construct the sound from the scratch by syncopating one instrument after the opposite till the crescendo.
    Not shocking, he finally ends up lasting longer on stage.

    Ironically, the brand new artiste rakes in additional money for much less exertion. Feeding off a brand new nationwide tradition that glorifies shadow over substance, he/she someway nonetheless manages to command
    larger charges than the way more industrious older colleague.

    With Obey’s later absence of greater than a decade and currently occasional exhibiting,
    it has due to this fact been KSA’s remit
    over time to defend juju’s flanks towards the merciless encroachment by new-era hip-hop.

    It has not been a simple job, although. First, it took greater than grit and sheer adaptation to outlive the scare
    of Sir Shina Peter’s Afro Juju explosion within the
    twilight of the 80s.

    With the discharge of Ace in 1990 adopted with Shinamania in 1991, juju’s previous
    orthodoxy of message over beat was shattered into smithereens.
    A grasp guitarist of no much less virtuosity, SSP’s novelty of
    non-cease dancehall beat actually set your complete nation dancing.

    As revelers bayed for extra, it turned clear that the outdated king
    wanted to urgently reinvent himself lest his crown and jewel be swept away by
    the raging twister.

    With the runaway success of Ace and Shinamania,
    a horde of SSP’s clones quickly appeared.
    Enter Dayo Kujore, Dele Taiwo et al.

    In his combat-again entitled “Authority”, KSA couldn’t however be
    a part of the bullet-velocity prepare, relying closely on artificial studio garnishments to attain a quick-tempo beat.

    The outdated recreation-grasp was at his combative greatest, freely deploying innuendos towards the “restless pretender to the throne unwilling to pay the customary dues.”

    Stanza after stanza, lyric by lyric, he let or not it’s identified level-clean he wouldn’t surrender the throne but,
    famously declaring “Pounded yam is larger than yam tuber”.
    And to traducers already checking their wrist-watches, KSA’s
    comply with-up tune defiantly screamed “E ma fi enu retirement pe Sunny Ade mo” (Cease calling for Sunny Ade’s retirement).

    True to the bookmaker’s prophecy, the Afro Juju craze quickly fizzled out.
    With that, KSA may need survived the stiffest problem to his stool as juju
    monarch, but it surely clearly left him with deep scars.

    In subsequent choices, he would appear to have given up on searching
    for brand new viewers. With a voice more and more enfeebled by age,
    his recorded music quickly started to showcase extra of a dexterity on devices, apparently solely now
    desirous of protecting his previous followers base.

    Nonetheless, the enchantment of his reside live performance stays
    undiminished. The magnetism of his stay efficiency continues to attract forcefully, even from a distance.

    Total, a critique of KSA’s catalogue is incomplete with out recalling his
    dabbling in political commentary in some unspecified time in the
    future. In a 25-minute epic The way in which Ahead (I & II) launched in 1996, KSA would
    rally a galaxy of musical stars reducing throughout generations and ethnic/style divides.

    When publicists started to hype the title forward of its
    official presentation, many naturally shifted of their seats, apprehensive
    in regards to the message at a time the nation had descended into funereal silence beneath Abacha’s bloody despotism.
    The expectation of one thing earth-shaking nonetheless turned
    out to be forlorn.

    Caught at related crossroads eighteen years earlier in Jamaica, Bob Marley selected to act in another way.
    His Caribbean homeland had been devastated by political storms involving the Jamaican Labour Celebration (JLP) and the
    People’s Nationwide Social gathering (PNP). The reggae icon resolved to stage One Love Peace Live
    performance in Kingston in April 1978. Drawing a document 32,000 capability crowd together with the sitting
    Prime Minister of PNP and the opposition chief on the D.Day, the hitherto gasping nation actually stopped respiration when Marley, together with his hit monitor Jammin’
    taking part in, invited leaders of each JLP and PNP,
    Edward Seaga and Prime Minister Michael Manley respectively, to the stage.

    Symbolically, the trio held up their fingers to signify reconciliation. At the tip
    of that historic night time, the Jamaican nation left the live performance reunited.

    Such was the depth of Marley’s intervention.

    However past the quick dancehall beat, the KSA-impressed peace tune of 1996 supplied
    nothing recent, apart from a rehash of the same old folksy attraction for communal unity.

    No point out was made from the legion of political captives languishing within the gulag
    then. At finest, it may very well be described as an inventive assertion with out

    Maybe, we must always have recognized that KSA is neither
    revolutionary Bob Marley nor caustic Fela. The poor
    outing of 1996 will nonetheless not diminish the burden of his legacy.
    Certainly, new kings will likely be born tomorrow. Nevertheless it
    will definitely take one other technology to see one as domineering as KSA.

    Kano & politics of love

    After iconic Gani Fawehinmi, only some attorneys would come close to Comrade Kanmi Osobu in phrases of recognition vis-a-vis human rights
    advocacy from the idealistic 70s, by means of the turbulent 80s to the early divisive 90s.
    In all Afro Beat originator Fela’s brushes with the institution throughout these epochs, Osobu consistently stood by him by thick and skinny.

    An inexhaustible bag of yabis (humour) like Fela,
    Osobu was usually a spectacle in and out of the court docket earlier than his demise.

    As soon as, he reportedly returned from a frolicking to the United Kingdom
    to a bit of storm instigated by staff (fellow comrades, for positive) in his chambers sad that whereas they had been left to
    tough it out at house for months with out salaries, their comrade selected to journey out with a lady-buddy to “enjoy”.

    After listening to the militant submission by probably
    the most senior among the many legal professionals flaying
    “this bourgeois indulgence totally unbecoming of a real comrade”, Osobu
    reportedly quipped: “Well, comrades I heard all you need to say and can’t fault your argument, very good, besides on one level. If you choose quarrel with my touring overseas with a lady pal, comrades I solely want to ask you only one easy query: is our battle now in opposition to love?”

    After all, the room erupted in delirious laughter.

    Effectively, we’re tempted to pose this query additionally right this moment as erstwhile governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso,
    and his successor and now estranged political godson, Abdullahi Ganduje, seem to have carried their animosity to the province of love.
    Some weeks in the past, Kwankwaso, the senator presently representing
    Kano Central, introduced a plan to bankroll the mass marriage ceremony of one
    hundred couples below the auspices of his non-governmental
    group, the Kwankwasiyya Growth Basis.

    As governor between 2011 and 2015, Kwankwaso formed the behavior
    of serving to widows discover love by underwriting the mass wedding
    ceremony as a means of selling household values.
    Because the incumbent has not organized any since assuming workplace
    final yr, the extra politically astute Kwankwaso would appear to have seen a
    window to attain a political level.

    However Ganduje apparently was not prepared to permit that occur.
    To scuttle the plan, the state quickly introduced a youth empowerment programme to carry similar
    day and identical time. Decided to not be crushed, the Kwankwasiyya individuals introduced a postponement of
    the mass marriage ceremony until the next day.

    It was at this level that Ganduje determined to flex some
    gubernatorial muscle. The police, allegedly at Ganduje’s prompting, directed that each the youth empowerment occasion and Kwankwasiyya’s mass
    wedding ceremony be postponed over hostile “security reports”.

    Issues nonetheless took a bizarre twist Tuesday
    as closely armed policemen sealed off Kwankwaso’s residence at Lodge Street that doubles because the headquarters of
    the Kwankwasiyya Motion. The motion, in keeping with the
    state police spokesman, DSP Magaji Musa Majia, was peremptory “because of an intelligence report that there’s a plan to conduct mass marriage ceremony on the home.”

    Too unhealthy, the police would seem to maneuver in solely
    after the proverbial horse had bolted out of the stable.
    For sources near the Kwankwasiyya motion reportedly confided that
    the mass wedding ceremony had already been performed on Monday secretly with “only brides and grooms’ subsequent of kins, together with some chosen Islamic scholars” current.

    Now, what’s unclear is whether or not prices can be entered
    in opposition to the sponsors of the mass wedding ceremony regardless of a subsisting restraining order by
    the police.

    Certainly, Ganduje and Kwankwasiya are free to proceed to hunt avenues to commerce tough tackles.
    However it’s uncertain if those that took
    benefit of the reported mass wedding ceremony can be
    amused. Like Kanmi Osobu, they should now be questioning if the
    battle between the godfather and his estranged godson can be towards love.

  5. It’s now not information that one of many clauses within the ASUU/FGN settlement is about federal help
    to state universities. Whereas that is laudable and has been acceded to by the authorities,
    there are a number of insinuations in opposition to
    it in some quarters.

    Firstly, in some quarters the view is being held that it infringes on the federal construction of governance within the nation. Though it could appear
    to negate state autonomy, our peculiarities as
    a nation don’t cease us from rendering help to state
    universities. In any case, these state universities have been contributing
    to a mass of vital man energy wants of the nation in addition to providing alternatives in livelihood to
    the populace. A number of graduates of state universities are
    within the federal service and doing nicely at their responsibility postings in addition to contributing to varied spheres of dwell of the
    nation. Once more, we’re too younger as a nation to dilly-dally
    with full monetary autonomy of the states from the federal apparatus.

    Developed nations the place there may be partial or full autonomy
    of states have a number of properly established federal funding and granting techniques that nonetheless permits universities exterior the federal construction to
    profit and keep vibrant and on the leading edge of analysis.
    In our personal case we solely have TETFUND that has a clearly over bloated monetary duty.
    It should not be forgotten that it took these developed nations a number of a whole bunch of years to
    be the place they’re in the present day, with a few
    of their state universities having endowments working into billions of dollars.
    Subsequently, federal help to state universities in Nigeria should be continued
    and made a budgetary merchandise.

    Secondly, there’s the argument that it will
    result in additional proliferation of state universities as these states with out a college
    would need to affix the rat race with a view to nook further federal
    grants. Whether or not it’s for worry of being brief-modified in federal grants, the reality
    is that with the burgeoning inhabitants, extra youths want college
    schooling. As an example, final yr, the then Minister of Schooling asserted that ,of the about
    one and a half million candidates that sat for the UTME/JAMB examination, solely about 500 hundred thousand can be provided admission nationwide, thereby leaving out about 1,
    000,000 out within the chilly to additional waste away. This implies Nigeria wants
    extra universities to cater for the rising inhabitants.
    This suggests that the extra the colleges,
    the higher and certainly the sources of funding together with federal grants.

    Thirdly, some have asserted that these state universities have been established primarily based on the monetary buoyancy of the
    affected states and so needs to be their total duty to fund them.
    Whereas universities are long run initiatives and
    funding within the folks with little or no returns within the foreseeable future,
    it’s instructive that funding streams are often diversified and never restricted to some extent supply.
    Therefore, asking or insisting for federal help to state universities is a worthy
    effort and a sensible funding on the a part of the federal authorities.

    A narrative goes of a proprietor who insisted
    that his VC was cursing him by informing him that he mustn’t anticipate returns from his not too long ago established college over the subsequent thirty years.
    Thus college enterprise is an extended-time period
    funding that is commonly capital-intensive the place federal help and may can’t be ignored.
    Fourthly, antagonists of federal help to state universities are of the view that the federal system has far too many tasks to shoulder and shouldn’t
    be badgered with what’s clearly the accountability of the states.

    Whereas it’s acceptable that the federal construction has monumental tasks,
    it’s unacceptable that it can’t have a particular assist system for the
    state universities with out impinging on their autonomy.
    World power calls for are rising day by day and so has the value of
    oil remained above budgetary benchmarks, thereby translating to substantive overseas earnings to the nation. What occurs to the
    surplus income? Currently, there have been insinuations of lacking funds working into billions of dollars which was a topic of altercation between the CBN, NNPC and the Presidency.

    If certainly these quantities truly went lacking, how helpful they’d have been as
    a funding choice for federal and state universities.

    There may be an alleged and perceived feeling of profligacy in spending on the federal stage.
    Take the controversial nationwide meeting emoluments, pension and
    oil subsidy scams amongst others, as an example
    as indicators of wastefulness. All these are pointers to the
    truth that the sources are on the disposal of the federal association and are actually being wasted as a
    substitute of being channelled to good trigger such help to state universities.
    Due to this fact, federal would possibly is able to supporting state universities and
    the modalities must be correctly labored out. Fifth, there may be the palpable concern that given the excessive
    degree of corruption and impunity within the nation, federal grants
    to state universities can be diverted to different makes use of or at worst put into non-public pockets.
    It’s in foreseeing this anomaly that the ASUU included the
    structure of a price range monitoring committee (BMC) in all universities to which state universities are members.
    Believably, a BMC would verify such excesses as properly
    because the oversight of the respective homes of meeting and even the governor’s workplace as properly.

    Though final yr, the NUC echoed its fears that some ASUU
    chairmen are additionally members of governing councils of their universities and may need contributed in operating down universities,
    it’s instructive sufficient that almost all universities have
    an efficient system of checks and balances that ensures prudent and
    judicious use of funds, to which state universities are usually not
    unique. Some might specific their reservations that anti-corruption businesses hardly have
    instances of monetary misdemeanour from universities, however once more this reveals the extent
    of transparency in these citadels of studying.

    In conclusion, we must be ardent about state universities’ funding in order that
    they don’t seem to be threatened into extinction. All of us come from States and stand to profit by alternatives and

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